A new important coperation agreement with BaPa and Nanni Diesel
26 June 2017
Benship 8 Worldwide “premiere” at Shanghai boat show 2018
15 March 2018

Benetti Sail Division Shanghai will be pleased to meet you in Monaco from September 27th to 30th in its booth in Jette√® Lucciana ( in front of the the Monaco Yacht Club, see the map ) , where you will meet our salesmen and will be informed about the new projects, for instance the new Benship 16, a fabolous alluminun sport boat. At the same time Mr. Simone Baldi Pergami Belluzzi, BSD SSC’s C.D.O and promoter of Mystic yacht, will introduce you the preliminary project of MYSTIC 45″ ft. , a fast commuter built on the hull of Benship 8, and, in the next future, an innovative Hybrid propulsion will be developed.
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