Start up for the hull of BENSHIP 8

BSD SSC on USA East market
27 December 2016
BENSHIP 8 alluminum hull now ready for the outfitting job
30 May 2017

Today in our shipyard in Shanghai the first part of the alluminum hull of the Benship 8 n.#01, has been cutted, after a simple ceremony during which the Chairman of Benetti Sail Division Shanghai Shipyard, Mr. Bruce Lee, made an introductory speech.
Mr. Lee said thanks to all the people that in China and in Italy, starting from Acube Design, CLM Project, Mr. Riccardo Benetti, and going ahead with Mr. Ren Fan , President of Shanghai Jiangnang Shipyard and all the Chinese Technicians, supported the born of this New masterpiece in the yachting community, wishing that the boat will be successfull

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